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6 Ways To Overcome Envy

Today’s a competitive world, with cut throat competition and rat race, discontentment is something that is bound to come. This feeling of discontentment can soon transform into destructive jealousy and depression. This feeling of envy cannot be covered under a smile or anything. It goes on like a spiral and can lead to a series […]

How to succeed in Life

¬† Being successful is not an event, it’s a continuous process. This quote motivates us to work daily in our life so that one day when we look back, we have broad smile on our face thinking about the sacrifices we made and the positive outcomes that we witnessed during our journey to succces. There […]

Another year without family

Yet another year has passed and no one came today as well. It’s been 3years since I got¬†struck in this brain engrossing job that I don’t have time for myself,leave alone family. I was expecting that my sister would turn up and surprise me but there was no sign of her coming. Since the day […]