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Hedy Lamarr: Real Beauty With Brains

When someone says beauty with brains who do you think about? Emma Watson. But today let’s not talk about her, let’s talk about real beauty with brains. An Australian American actress, Hedy Lamarr was famous not only because of her evergreen charm and elegance but also because of her brains. She was a glamorous Hollywood star, […]

Decoded! What makes a man and a woman feel jealous

JEALOUSY IS EXPERIENCED BY EVERYONE AT SOME POINT IN THEIR LIVES BUT YOU KNOW WHAT IT CAN ACTUALLY BOOST YOUR RELATIONSHIP! Evolutionary scientists say that jealousy has been in human nature and has been engrained in every person’s mind for like millions of years. So next time if you hear anybody saying that he is […]

5 Thumb Rules for Dating a Girl

1. Approach it the right way: “First Impression is the Last Impression.” Boys! This saying is as true as sun rising in east and setting in west. Make sure you don’t give out a bad first impression unless you have two Halloween costumes like Barney Stinson. If you have already made a bad move, try to […]

US Elections – Donald Uses his Trump Card!

Just minutes after the results were out, an outburst of supporters wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ were seen celebrating the historic win of Republican Party. Trump gave his first speech as the 45th  president of United States of America in New York.   Trump also thanked Hillary for her service to the nation. “Sorry to keep […]

Arnab Goswami Makes Ex-ACP Officer Leave His Show For Insulting Women

  It is safe to say that five years ago, the 9 to 11 PM time slot was officially the “Daily Soap Hours”. The two hour long time period was full of dramatic serials that consisted of the leads shouting things at each other. Not much has changed ever since.  Just that in stead of […]

Things Younger Women Don’t Understand About Dating Older Men.

 While this is true, the above mentioned observations are only a few of the various problems and setbacks younger women fail to understand while dating an older man. As a result, (while it can happen in any relationship) their relationship may undergo a series of doubts, frustrations, differences and yes, some more doubts! Many women […]

Pink ! A Trial On Woman For Harassing A Man! #MustWatch

The movie PINK is the best story everplayed in bollywood. This movie breaks out the sterotype about how we consider a WOMAN now a days, if she stays alone with her friends or goes out for the parties late night or talks to a random guy. The movie is bold, it has a very strong plot […]