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Decoded! What makes a man and a woman feel jealous

JEALOUSY IS EXPERIENCED BY EVERYONE AT SOME POINT IN THEIR LIVES BUT YOU KNOW WHAT IT CAN ACTUALLY BOOST YOUR RELATIONSHIP! Evolutionary scientists say that jealousy has been in human nature and has been engrained in every person’s mind for like millions of years. So next time if you hear anybody saying that he is […]

How to Handle a Cheating Partner?

Cheating, trust issues, frustration and what not?!  Nowadays, every 1 of the 5 relationships has trust issues which leads to frustration and anxiety problems. Time and again we feel that our partner is cheating on us, may be because of lack of understanding or faith in the partner. But regardless of any reason, cheating is […]

3 Effective Ways To Exercise While You’re Sitting

1. Sit Up Straight Sitting up straight with your shoulder back and your abs tight—compared to slouching at your desk—requires engaging more muscles and can burn more calories. If you want to look slim while sitting, check you posture constantly. Pretend there is a band that stretches from the bottom of your spine to the […]