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Want to Teleport yourself to Future. Complete Study of how you can do it.

Everyone wants to be a SUPERHERO. Although we desire many things but nature does not help us with them. So today we will discuss about teleportation! Is teleportation possible? How someone can do this? What is teleportation? Teleportation is the transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. This […]

5 Sound and Light Shows you shouldn’t miss in India

The light and sound shows are the most entertaining ways of learning about our glorious past. Time travel into some of the most important moments in history and relive the legends and tales. Here are 5 Best Light and Sound Shows you shouldn’t miss in India. Purana Qila, New Delhi : The underrated light and sound show […]

The Forlorn Ruins of HAMPI

Once the capital of the “City of Victory”, ruins of the city-Hampi are strikingly and eerily beautiful. Surrounded by stark rocky ridges, the city lies on the banks of river Tungabhadra. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi’s 33km area is scattered with ruins and exacavations. The vast spaces are silent but the ruins are eloquent. […]

The Possibility of Time Travel- Part 1

Everyone wants to time travel. In future or in past. There are some movies and novels which shows that how one can do time travel and how this will affect the surroundings and people around that person. From Doraemon to Flash everyone is busy with time travelling. We all know that going in the future […]


  ​​ A night in Mumbai, when people construct their dreams Mumbai, City of Dreams, as it is known where people come with dreams brimming in their eyes, leaving their comfortable shell behind. It is popular as a city which never sleeps, the dreams in the hopeful eyes keeps the people of Mumbai awake. I […]

Why Should’t I Visit Your Country?

Just recently, a very unique but important question went viral on the famous question-and-answer website Quora.com – Why SHOULDN’T I visit your Country? The question, obviously was something I instantly checked out! While people from countries such as Costa Rica and the Netherlands complained about “Giant Wastelands” and rainy, cold weathers, I had all my […]