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Haraamkhor: Back Again!

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is back again! With all the exceptionally and critically appraised performances, Nawaz is back again with Haraamkhor. Although the title of the movie might not suit our Censor Board 😛 but the concept is engrossing and  the rural setting gives it a very authentic feel. A tale entangled between love, lust and illicit relationship […]

Pink ! A Trial On Woman For Harassing A Man! #MustWatch

The movie PINK is the best story everplayed in bollywood. This movie breaks out the sterotype about how we consider a WOMAN now a days, if she stays alone with her friends or goes out for the parties late night or talks to a random guy. The movie is bold, it has a very strong plot […]

Hollywood scenes copied #Baar Baar Dekho!

 Despite of the antipiracy rules and strict penalities against the unauthorized duplication of content alongwith bollywood organising campaigns discouraging the piracy of their films now bollywood itself has chosen the way discouraged by them. they have restorted to copying scenes from epic films to make their buisness grow. As of 2016, it’s no big deal to […]