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Red Rain in India: An Unresolved Mystery

15 July 2001, this was one on of the normal day. Two young physicists were sitting on the couch and drinking their Tea. The weather was so good, it was raining. Both of them don’t know that something is coming for them. It was raining heavily; suddenly they saw something strange has happened. The colorless […]

6 Ways To Overcome Envy

Today’s a competitive world, with cut throat competition and rat race, discontentment is something that is bound to come. This feeling of discontentment can soon transform into destructive jealousy and depression. This feeling of envy cannot be covered under a smile or anything. It goes on like a spiral and can lead to a series […]

Happiness – Are We Doing It Right?

“Eh bro, what is happiness to you?” suddenly asked my friend and I simply replied by saying that happiness is what I feel when I get or do the things I have always wanted to.  I believed that happiness comes from rewards, achievements and appreciations.  I was happy when someone told me that I looked […]

How Your Sleeping Position Tells A Lot About Your Relationship.

While you’re soundly sleeping, your subconscious takes over and commands your body. But the sleeping position you prefer gives away just how you feel about your bed mate and yourself. Your body language comes from the part of the brain called the limbic brain versus the cognitive brain, which allows you to think things through. […]

7 Things All college students can relate to !

College life is what every teenager is looking upto. Watching all those bollywood/hollywood movies where often life of a teenager is changed into a crazy happy going party life which is mostly not the same as movies but yeah somehow similar. College life itself is a different adventure yet a life changing experience.      […]