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How to fix a relationship?

Trust, confidence and honesty are among the few pillars which make any relationship stronger and last longer. They help in understanding various problems and solving them before they turn into something very serious. Our changing lifestyles and work overload are killing many relationships. But what happens when one person loses trust or starts hiding things, […]

6 Ways To Overcome Envy

Today’s a competitive world, with cut throat competition and rat race, discontentment is something that is bound to come. This feeling of discontentment can soon transform into destructive jealousy and depression. This feeling of envy cannot be covered under a smile or anything. It goes on like a spiral and can lead to a series […]

Decoded! What makes a man and a woman feel jealous

JEALOUSY IS EXPERIENCED BY EVERYONE AT SOME POINT IN THEIR LIVES BUT YOU KNOW WHAT IT CAN ACTUALLY BOOST YOUR RELATIONSHIP! Evolutionary scientists say that jealousy has been in human nature and has been engrained in every person’s mind for like millions of years. So next time if you hear anybody saying that he is […]

7 Ways To Stop Coughing Using Home Remedies

Winters are almost here and so is the season of cough and cold. We feel that chill down our spine when we go outside. But nowadays with the pleasant winters, we are also welcoming a hell lot of smoke that tops our cough and cold. The smog in the air is affecting our heath  and […]

Tactical Hand Signals: Learn How to Communicate Silently

                                           The military forces often get themselves in such a situation where the element of surprise and stealth are absolutely necessary. A single noise and your cover is blown. Thousands of lives can be lost. In […]