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1. Nisha Madhulika Nisha Madhulika is passionate about cooking various dishes which have an the USP of of Ghar Ka Khaana (Home-Made food) feel to it. Her videos are a trip to paradise for vegetarians. The channel by Nisha Madhulika refreshingly dishes out the most popular vegetarian Indian food items picked up from various states. […]

How much revenue does Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social networking sites make

If I talk about a common man, who has a very normal life where he wakes up every morning and checks his gmail account for the new mails, then he opens facebook to check the news feed of the day and finally get ready to go to his office. Just like a casual day, on […]

Google Pixel/ Pixel XL – Price, Specifications and Release Date in India

Google announced the launch date for its new brand Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL – 20th October 2016. You can pre-order Google Pixel/ Pixel XL from 13th October on Flipkart, Chroma, Reliance Digital as well as other smaller retailers.  Pixel will replace the Nexus series and claims to bring out the best there is that Android […]

What’s different in Google Allo

 Whatsapp,Snapchat,Instagram, sometimes facebook,messenger and then Whatsapp.. The cycle goes on. But now wait!  Google has come up wih somewhat similar to whatsapp but with it’s own chatbot. Woah!   We really don’t know if Google Allo will win all hearts or not but it has created some buzz and has definitely staggered the marketing strategy […]

5 Hidden Google Easter Eggs and Games!

  Google has become one of the prime companies of our era and has excelled in almost every area by leaps and bounds! Be it Pokemon Go or the one stop shop for almost every video on the internet – YouTube. It seems as if whatever Google touches, turns to gold! But the company, while known […]