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The partition of India was an historic event in the world. There was a  mass migration from both the sides and creation of two countries on basis of religion. Clearly the decision was to have separate states for Muslims and Hindus. But the truth is that none of the country is entirely Muslim or entirely […]

Arnab Goswami Makes Ex-ACP Officer Leave His Show For Insulting Women

  It is safe to say that five years ago, the 9 to 11 PM time slot was officially the “Daily Soap Hours”. The two hour long time period was full of dramatic serials that consisted of the leads shouting things at each other. Not much has changed ever since.  Just that in stead of […]

Woman Screams “RAPE RAPE” as a Black Man Approaches Her..!

                      In 1865, the 13th Amendment was passed for the constitution of the United States of America that abolished slavery in the country. This amendment was considered to be the end of racism – at least in the USA – and was considered to be Abraham Lincoln’s […]