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Stuttering Experiment On Orphans: A Monster Study

The brain develops most rapidly in the first few years of a child’s life. Also the ongoing interchange between genes and different environments – within which children are born, grow, learn and live – shapes the developing brain. During these critical years, the foundation is laid for a child’s physical and mental health, affecting everything […]

Breathing Kills: 10 Year Old’s Open Letter on Pollution

The NCR region, as we all know has become somewhat of a huge gas chamber. Be informed, this did not happen all of a sudden. No, it is not a one time phenomenon. And no, it is not the ‘work of  angry gods!’ This is us – Humans! All of us are to be blamed. […]

KFC’s Add HOPE!!

FOOD, is something we work for at each hour of the day. But, does each child sleeps with full stomach every night? Do we really know how many parents sacrifice their food to feed their children? Do we really know the hunger state of India? Actually NO, and many of us hardly bother to care. The world’s […]