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Vodafone on Monday said that it is in exploratory discussions with the Aditya Birla group’s telecom ARM Idea Cellular for a merger. Bharti chief Sunil Bharti Mittal had told CNBC-TV18 in Davos that such big moves require serious consideration. He didn’t rule out the possibility of a mega-merger. Although, the merged entity will be bigger […]

What makes SRK the 3rd richest actor in the world instead of the “Sultan” of Bollywood?

SRK was named the 3rd richest actor in the world by a renowned survey recently! Yes, I know for sure that many of you are not aware of the fact! After reading this article the already popular dialogue from his upcoming movie would seriously strike you and you will be amazed that he provides justice […]

The Reason Why You Should STOP Using Visa/Mastercard!

Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi launched the scheme DEMONETISATION with a view to make India a cashless and corruption free nation. With India transforming into a cashless nation VISA/MASTERCARD, the two organisations are on cloud nine. Want to know how? Why? Reasons are here: India’s Population = 125 crore. Per capita income = Rs 1 […]

The downfall of TATA group begins

Wadia group chairman and an independent director on board of various Tata companies, Nusli Wadia, has asked shareholders of Tata Steel to collectively seek the intervention of both the central government and market regulator SEBI to protect the institution of independent directors. Wadia, who is an independent director on board of Tata Steel, said this […]

Kapil Sharma: The richest TV star all over world

Kapil Sharma is now the biggest TV star in the country after inking a new deal with Sony Entertainment Television for 2017. Kapil Sharma’s contract is renewed and he is expected to take home Rs 100 crore in 2017.   According to a report in DNA, his paycheck for The Kapil Sharma Show has been bumped up […]

How much revenue does Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social networking sites make

If I talk about a common man, who has a very normal life where he wakes up every morning and checks his gmail account for the new mails, then he opens facebook to check the news feed of the day and finally get ready to go to his office. Just like a casual day, on […]

7 ways that businessmen are using to convert their black money into white

After demonitisation of high value currency notes, a lot of businessmen are using different ways to convert their black money to white money. Though the practice of accepting black money is illegal, but it is an age old practice all over the world. Here are some of the ways that are used by businessmen to […]

Mad guy skateboarding in Connaught place wearing a PANDA mask

No doubt the kind of life corporate people experience is full of challenges but there is someone who dares it all to showcase, in the funniest manner possible, what actually is everyone doing these days. Corporate people, getting dressed and rushing to work early in the morning, are making their living by sacrificing a lot of […]