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The Reason Why You Should STOP Using Visa/Mastercard!

Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi launched the scheme DEMONETISATION with a view to make India a cashless and corruption free nation. With India transforming into a cashless nation VISA/MASTERCARD, the two organisations are on cloud nine. Want to know how? Why? Reasons are here: India’s Population = 125 crore. Per capita income = Rs 1 […]

Major Drop in Tourism after Demonitisation

Call it a demonetisation pain eased by a fine example of hospitality in the God’s Own Country. A 40-year-old foreigner ate at a restaurant here and didn’t pay because he was cashless. He was caught but let off because the eatery staff realised their guest had no other option.Khader Kunju, who has owned a restaurant […]

Can we really trust the new “CURRENCY” notes after looking this!

Since demonitization there has been a lot of buzz among everyone in India as to what should be their next course of action, how they can benefit from demonitization of currency or at least how they can minimize the loss to their personal assets after demonitization. First of all, understand that this entire time we […]

7 ways that businessmen are using to convert their black money into white

After demonitisation of high value currency notes, a lot of businessmen are using different ways to convert their black money to white money. Though the practice of accepting black money is illegal, but it is an age old practice all over the world. Here are some of the ways that are used by businessmen to […]