Marketing Executive Job Description

Marketing is the most dynamic department in any organization where there are no set patterns of the work to be performed. However, the basic responsibilities of any Marketing Executive in Googly Networks involve:

1Creating and Managing the database of the startups/prospective clients/aspiring entrepreneurs and pitch them the following services:

  • Website Development.
  • Marketing and Promotion of their products and services.
  • Increasing the traffic and Global ranking of their website.
  • Search Engine Optimization support.
  • Publicity of their startup which includes covering their story and featuring it on the top of our online magazine.

2. Reporting to your mentor on regular basis. In the absence of your commitment to report your progress on regular basis, Googly Networks reserve the right to terminate your internship immediately.

3. Promoting the Facebook page of Googly Networks by getting more likes on the page and promoting it within your college groups and other social circles. You will have to share at least one post from the page of Googly Networks everyday so that we can collectively reach the maximum number of people.


1. Every Intern shall be eligible for a performance pay of 15% of the sales brought in by him/her. Besides he/she shall be eligible to following benefits-

  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Hands on experience of working in a team
  • Exposure of how to pitch the prospective clients and convert the same into sales.

2. Referral Bonus: This compensation is over and above the compensation stated in the point (Above), Under this scheme, you can create a team by referring your friends to us and for every sale made by them, they will be given a compensation of 15% and you will get a bonus 5% compensation on every sale made by your referral.