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Change The Bullshit Rules

Our Education System has been driving the same forces of theories and trying to educate us on the traditional ways of Success.  Some of the bullshit rules like •    Hard Work is the way to success   •    Dieting reduces Weight   •     Marks determine our Future   These are just a […]

Let’s Focus On Small

Ever wondered how fast you are running in this rat race where you end up going nowhere. Ever thought how career-oriented has destroyed all other things. We all wish to be successful, have thick pockets, and be a star in everyone’s eyes. But is that all we want?  Achieving all things in life and at […]

Answers for Mind

We all have many questions in our mind. At every situation new question arises. The questions which are unanswerable for us. They are question of mind…. of our logics. We try to find answers but fails to get. Even no one can give us a satisfied answers. Here, are very insperational conversation of Arjun and […]