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5 Thumb Rules for Dating a Girl

1. Approach it the right way: “First Impression is the Last Impression.” Boys! This saying is as true as sun rising in east and setting in west. Make sure you don’t give out a bad first impression unless you have two Halloween costumes like Barney Stinson. If you have already made a bad move, try to […]

Worlds Biggest Kitchen : A Glimpse Inside The History Of This Free Seva

  “Feeding the hungry is the biggest help anyone can offer” and at Golden temple, Amritsar, we see around 100,000 people eating Langar every day. A kitchen is the most important part of any household. Daily, our mother prepares succulent food for us, but do you all know the history behind the largest kitchen in the world and […]

Life of an Engineer – A Roller Coaster Ride.

       We often hear, ‘Engineers’ are the pillars of the society, or ‘Engineers’ are the backbone or foundation. But the question is, how much of this holds true today. There was a time when Engineers were known for their innovation, their problem solving capabilities and their brilliant logic. But today, Engineers are just pre-programmed machines […]

KFC’s Add HOPE!!

FOOD, is something we work for at each hour of the day. But, does each child sleeps with full stomach every night? Do we really know how many parents sacrifice their food to feed their children? Do we really know the hunger state of India? Actually NO, and many of us hardly bother to care. The world’s […]

Journey From FAT To FAB!

EveryBody now a days need that kickass body isn’t it? Hot Body, Lean physique, good built, abs and booty. Everyone just wish to have like that but unfortunately aren’t that physically active or something or the another. Cause yes we are busy with our work schedules or college work or one of the another, but […]