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How to fix a relationship?

Trust, confidence and honesty are among the few pillars which make any relationship stronger and last longer. They help in understanding various problems and solving them before they turn into something very serious. Our changing lifestyles and work overload are killing many relationships. But what happens when one person loses trust or starts hiding things, […]

Conversion Rate Optimization(CRO) and its Importance in any Business.

If you are not a professional or marketing nerd then you may not be intimately involved with the term Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). CRO is one such topic that is on top of your mind if you are a Business Development guy at a SaaS solution Business or an e-commerce startup. So Lets get started first […]

Top 10 Job Interview Questions and How Should You Answer Them

As we know that there are many common and tricky questions that are asked almost in every interview in one way or the other no matter what the position you have applied for and what your job will be. We at Googly Networks decided to enlist the most common interview questions and their respective answers […]

6 Ways To Overcome Envy

Today’s a competitive world, with cut throat competition and rat race, discontentment is something that is bound to come. This feeling of discontentment can soon transform into destructive jealousy and depression. This feeling of envy cannot be covered under a smile or anything. It goes on like a spiral and can lead to a series […]

Last minute tips for CAT exams from Top experts

Every year there is a lot of confusion among students just before the exams as to what should be my priority? or What are the most important topics that I should study? or What would be the difficulty level of the CAT exam. First of all, Stop thinking about all these things as it would […]

How to Handle a Cheating Partner?

Cheating, trust issues, frustration and what not?!  Nowadays, every 1 of the 5 relationships has trust issues which leads to frustration and anxiety problems. Time and again we feel that our partner is cheating on us, may be because of lack of understanding or faith in the partner. But regardless of any reason, cheating is […]