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Remedies To Get Rid Off Your Period Naturally!

Period is a part of nature for every girl. So I advise you not to disturb it. If you’re facing period pains, I’ll suggest you some tips: (they’re completely safe and healthy for you) Cinnamon With anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic qualities, cinnamon is one of the best and most popular natural home remedies for period pain   […]

3 Effective Ways To Exercise While You’re Sitting

1. Sit Up Straight Sitting up straight with your shoulder back and your abs tight—compared to slouching at your desk—requires engaging more muscles and can burn more calories. If you want to look slim while sitting, check you posture constantly. Pretend there is a band that stretches from the bottom of your spine to the […]

15 Songs You NEED For A Powerful Workout!

  Whether its an hour long jog, aerobics or your weight training at the gym, music helps you up your effort, maintain your pace and well, just admit it… music makes you wanna MMMMOOOOOVVVVEEEEE!!!  Out of personal experience, music makes exercising a lot more fun and brings better results too! (that is if you don’t […]

Gym Etiquettes: 5 Things You Must NOT Do!

 Okay so you are the next Jay Cutler, the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. The gym is your jungle and you, its Tarzan but that doesn’t mean you have to behave like him! Uncultured and rowdy! Gyms can mean different things for different people. For some, it can be a place to take all their frustration out, […]

Now that’s Heights: Katrina Kaif

With the new gen of actors investing too much time in endorsing themselves everywhere in front of the audiences, Katrina kaif just topped the list with her new video recorded thousands of feets above sea level. The video captures Katrina kaif, Alia Bhatt, Parineeti chopra, Sidharth Malhotra and Aditya Roy kapur performing on the famous […]

5 Hairstyles We Want To Straight Away Copy From Deepika Padukone!

 1.) High Puff-High Pony! Perfect hairstyle which is so easy yet so amazing! You can pair this style from Western to Indian, anything. 2.) Messy Plaits   So girls, the perfect one to posses this summer!    3.) Messy Puff-Messy Bun   Cannot stop looking at her! Isn’t this way too awesome? Pair it up […]