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What to do & From where to do?

What are some of the most bizarre places around the world which are less known to people?

1.) Hoia Baciu Forest (Romania): This forest is known as the ‚ÄúBermuda Triangle‚ÄĚ of Romania. Multiple people have gone missing in it, people have sighted UFOs, there has been unexplained electrical phenomena and more. 2.) The Catacombs (Paris): The Parisian catacombs are a giant ossuary and cemetary that are located beneath that city‚Äôs streets. There […]

McLeod Ganj:Not just another hill station

Thinking of trekking? Here’s an interesting solution to your quest. McLeod Ganj ¬† McLeod Ganj is a¬†suburb of¬†Dharamsala¬†in¬†Kangra district¬†of¬†Himachal Pradesh,¬†India. It is known as “Little¬†Lhasa” or “Dhasa” (a short form of Dharamshala used mainly by Tibetans) because of its large population of Tibetians.¬† The¬†Tibetan government-in-exile¬†is headquartered in McLeod Ganj. It is situated on the Dhauladhar […]

Need a vacation with a budget friendly tour? Bulls eye!

1. Belarus 1 INR = 268 Belarusian Rubles Visa Required Good news for people who really want to experience Europe on a shoestring budget! This small former Soviet country is dirt cheap compared to its neighbours. On the downside however, there is not much to see unless you are a fan of nostalgic Soviet architecture […]