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The downfall of TATA group begins

Wadia group chairman and an independent director on board of various Tata companies, Nusli Wadia, has asked shareholders of Tata Steel to collectively seek the intervention of both the central government and market regulator SEBI to protect the institution of independent directors. Wadia, who is an independent director on board of Tata Steel, said this […]

How much revenue does Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social networking sites make

If I talk about a common man, who has a very normal life where he wakes up every morning and checks his gmail account for the new mails, then he opens facebook to check the news feed of the day and finally get ready to go to his office. Just like a casual day, on […]

Hrithik and Jacqueline did that for MONEY!

“Money rules the world”, “Lack of money is the root of all evil”, “Money can buy any happiness in the world” are some of the quotes that almost 95% of the world’s population believe in, but doing anything to get that money is really not the way to get the happiness you desire. Hrithik and Jacqueline has […]

900th Episode of WWE SmackDown!

The second longest active weekly episodic television show (after RAW), WWE SmackDown celebrated its 900th episode with 2 hours of action packed in-ring performances and a lot of nostalgia, bringing back the legends of the business in Edge and The Undertaker! Between the return of #TheCuttingEdge and The #Undertaker, the @WWEUniverse is in for one HISTORIC […]

Can we really trust the new “CURRENCY” notes after looking this!

Since demonitization there has been a lot of buzz among everyone in India as to what should be their next course of action, how they can benefit from demonitization of currency or at least how they can minimize the loss to their personal assets after demonitization. First of all, understand that this entire time we […]

7 ways that businessmen are using to convert their black money into white

After demonitisation of high value currency notes, a lot of businessmen are using different ways to convert their black money to white money. Though the practice of accepting black money is illegal, but it is an age old practice all over the world. Here are some of the ways that are used by businessmen to […]

OLX ‘Buy and Sell’ – 5 Tips to make your shopping Satisfactory.

Be it shopping or booking taxi, everyone nowadays are trying their hands online. With new start-ups coming up every day, we have markets flooded with such online services. One of such online Buy and Sell shop is OLX. OLX recently announced a new update which enables user to chat seamlessly. The new update also allows […]

Obama trumps Trump on Jimmy Kimmel

The United States Presidential elections is scheduled on 8th November, 2016 which is a little more than a week from today. The various nominees running for the post are as follows: Donald Trump: Republican Hillary Clinton: Democratic Jill Stein: Green Gary Johnson: Libertarian Darrell Castle: Constitution Evan McMullin: Independent   President Obama made his last public appearance as the United States President on Jimmy Kimmel […]