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Bring them back: Early 2000s kids show that we really miss

Are you in your early 20s or late teens? Do you remember those awesome shows which made your childhood memorable? Yes, you guessed it right, shows like Shararat, shakalaka boom boom made our childhood awesome. Coming back from the school and being excited about watching our favourite shows. That was a time when we didn’t […]

Things Younger Women Don’t Understand About Dating Older Men.

 While this is true, the above mentioned observations are only a few of the various problems and setbacks younger women fail to understand while dating an older man. As a result, (while it can happen in any relationship) their relationship may undergo a series of doubts, frustrations, differences and yes, some more doubts! Many women […]

Watch: Did Princess Diana Know About Her Fate?

  Lady Diana Spencer was not only the Princess of Whales but also the princess of the hearts of the people of the United Kingdom. She was often in the headlines but mostly for solving conflicts, banishing poverty and feeding the world’s hungry. She once said “Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of […]

My Buddy, My Brother…

It was my 13th Birthday, I clearly remember. My parents had planned a picnic/birthday party with the entire family and all my school friends. While my friends and I went to the picnic spot with my mother and my grandparents, my father was nowhere to be found. I asked my mother and my uncle if […]