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When to try to bathe a Cat. Disclaimer: Kitty Videos inside, You’ll Die Awwing :)

The frightened “miaowww” by a Cat means “the water is scary as hell”. Cats really hate bath time, but on the other hand, some of them really like it.They are more terrified by water than any one else in this universe. They’ll scowl at you while licking itself. This poor white kitty got smashed by […]

10 Ameowzing Reasons Why You Need A Cat In Your Life!

You may see cats as a lazy, grumpy and mean animal. But cats are really fun to have. Though they think that hooomans are their slaves and treat us like their servants. They scratch us, Meow on us, don’t let us take a nap but they really boost our moods when they are around. Cats […]