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The Game Changer: Raghuram Rajan

Being Raghu Ram Rajan isn’t that fun. With the government pressurizing and the nation demanding for better monetary policies, the 23rd Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has proved his mettle. So now when he has decided to leave the command in September, 2016, Googly Networks would like to pay him tribute by recalling […]

How to take control of your life

Most people want to be in good health, experience well-being, be satisfied with work, accept themselves, be respected, and have supportive relationships. If your life feels hectic, monotonous, or incomplete, then you need to get back in control. Anything that holds value in life requires time, effort, focus, and is likely to cause discomfort along […]

How to Track Your Uber History

Need to see a receipt for your last Uber journey to keep track of your spending? Want to make sure your account security hasn’t been compromised? Or, are you just curious about how many miles you’ve traveled since downloading the app? There are easy ways to find all of this information, through Uber and from […]

How to give a Good Presentation

What is a Presentation? Dictionary Meaning– A speech or talk in which a new product, idea, or piece of work is shown and explained to an audience. Problems during Presenting • Sweaty palms • Increased Heart Rate • Black Out • Low Confidence How to overcome them? • Believe yourself • Know the matter to […]