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Horror Games to Send Chills Down Your Spine

Lets admit a cold hard fact. Everybody LOVES horror movies. Its irrevocable! No matter how predictable the plot of the movie seems to be, we are still waiting for that one moment that makes us shut our eyes tight. We have always cursed the characters in such movies of making dumb mistakes that eventually (or […]

Najeeb Jung Quits as Delhi Lieutenant Governor

NEW DELHI: Najeeb Jung, 66, resigns as the Lieutenant Governor of the national capital. The reason behind his resignation was apparently him wanting to return to his “first love; academics”. Jung had 18 months left before his tenure was to come to an end. Sh Jung’s resignation is a surprise to me. My best wishes […]

Darkest Day in Manchester United’s History

Manchester United is one of the most famous Football clubs in the world. Even those who have absolutely no knowledge of Football, have heard of the club somewhere or the other. Graced by the finest players of the game, such as David Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo and of course Wayne Rooney, ManU is arguably the most […]

J.K. Rowling Confirms Fantastic Beasts Will Have 5 MOVIES

Directed by David Yates, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them hit the silver screen on 18th November 2016 and it did not disappoint!   What is admittedly the prequel to the Harry Potter storyline, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them tells the story of Newt Scamander and his wicked suitcase that is home to […]

New NYC Nike Store is “Techno-ful!”

If you have ever been to New York, you know how trendy and lit the neighbourhood of SoHo, Manhattan is! Any brand which belongs to the A-Listers can be found there and in a really fancy manner too! Recently, a certain brand called “Google” (haven’t heard of it though) made it to the streets of […]

900th Episode of WWE SmackDown!

The second longest active weekly episodic television show (after RAW), WWE SmackDown celebrated its 900th episode with 2 hours of action packed in-ring performances and a lot of nostalgia, bringing back the legends of the business in Edge and The Undertaker! Between the return of #TheCuttingEdge and The #Undertaker, the @WWEUniverse is in for one HISTORIC […]

Twitter Reacts to Melania Trump Becoming the First Lady

Whether you were a Donald Trump supporter or not, I think we all were a little surprised (and I am being humble here) when Trump won one of the most stirring elections in the American history ever and became the 45th President of the United States of America. However an integral part of becoming the […]