About Us

Googly Networks is an online magazine that publishes articles on trending issues every day. We have different departments such as Content writing, Human Resource, Business Development, Marketing and Video & photography. We have collaborated with NGO’s such as Feeding India, Youth for Peace International, Yoddhas – Indian Fighting against Cancer, etc. to cover their stories. Our mission is to be the world’s leading magazine in coming years and make our presence worldwide.

Apart from being an online magazine, we have other division by the name of Googly Developers Group. Under this division we offer aspiring entrepreneurs, college students, startups and other prospective clients to develop a website for their own venture and help them reach their target audience in the most professional manner.


We also offer services like Search engine optimization, Website Development, Email Marketing, Traffic Generation and also provide other businesses a platform to publicize their products and services on our online magazine.

Our Values

Googly Networks works on two principles i.e. Quality and Commitment. We do not believe in finishing the work just for the sake of doing it and we perform it according to our commitments. We work in teams and are open to suggestions from any intern working with us. Any new member can contact any senior member and ask them for help. Moreover, we provide 24×7 help to our interns for their personal growth too. If you face any difficulty with anything during your period of internship you can contact us without hesitating for a second.

We look forward to working with you.