Human-Ape Army possible or not?

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Russian biologist Ilya Ivanov was known for his brilliance and ability to see things differently. He was a biologist who wanted to split his talents evenly between innovation and preservation. For years he studied biology, mainly how domestic animals reproduce. He closely studied how the reproduction in animals takes place.

Around the start of the 20th century, Ilya Ivanov perfected artificial insemination and its practical usage for horse breeding. He proved that this technology allows one stallion to fertilize up to 500 mares (instead of 20–30 by natural fertilization). The results were sensational for their time, and Ivanov’s station was frequented by horse breeders from many parts of the world.His discovery was revolutionary. And this is one of the biggest reason why soviet contacted him for the army of apes.

This may sound crazy but once Ilya was sitting in the conference full of people. And he announced that he can create Human-Ape. Everyone in the conference was surprised with his commitment. All the biologists present there in the conference were also shocked.

How this Human-Ape thing is even possible?

Ilya Ivanov as I say, he was brilliant. He pointed out Darwin’s theory, that we humans are just the evolved version of apes, and we know that human and chimps DNA is 99.7 percentage same.

Why he was trying to hybrid Human and ape?

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After World War I soviet started finding new ways that could help them to win the war. They were trying different crazy ideas to win the next war. So one of the crazy ideas was Human-Ape army. After committing in conference that Ilya can create such army, Soviet Union gave him 10 million dollars which is now equal to 1000 million dollars.

Soviet Union funded Ilya to create a Human-Ape army. And they gave him sufficient time to do this task.

How he proceeded further?

He used the same technique he used with the horses. He used 13 female chimpanzees for this experiment.  The female chimpanzees were repeatedly injected with human male sperm, but none became pregnant. (It was rumored that Ivanov used his own sperm or that of his son, but only few people believed it). And hence this idea was a big astray.

After this failure Ivanov put together a plan to inject male chimpanzee sperm into human female volunteers. There were total of 5 female volunteers. Again he failed as none of the female volunteers got pregnant.

Why only Human-Ape?

Human-Ape army

There are several things that can answer: ‘why only human ape hybrid?’. The first one was DNA, human and chimpanzees share common abilities and DNA. The second one was that apes are way too stronger than humans. So they calculated that one ape will be equivalent to 5 human soldiers.  A soldier having a mind like human and power like ape!. FASCINATING.

None of the Ilya’s experiments were successful. But this shows us that the world is full of crazy things. So do not stop if your idea is crazy, people might buy it.

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