Red Rain in India: An Unresolved Mystery

red rain

red red

15 July 2001, this was one on of the normal day. Two young physicists were sitting on the couch and drinking their Tea. The weather was so good, it was raining. Both of them don’t know that something is coming for them.

It was raining heavily; suddenly they saw something strange has happened. The colorless rain has turned into red . Yes you read it perfect they see that the color of rain is red. That red rain was not ordinary.

No doubt India is religious country.

Some people say that god is crying because he is upset from humans. There is no humanity left in the earth.

Some say that this is the sign that the judgment day is near. And many more rumors were there.

Maybe I will do the same talking like others, but those physicists were different. Whether believing rumors they think that from where this rain has come.

Although they were physicists, they did every possible test on the red rain. Every possible test that they can afford in India. They find something which does not belong to this earth in the rain.

What was in the rain?

red rain

After doing every possible test available in India, both of them decided to send rain to foreign. The test performed shows some extraordinary results. Scientists calculated that a meteoroid from space hit earth and from that meteoroid, rain got that red color.

Why this meteoroid was important?


Test results shows that the red rain contains some elements which are necessary for life. That means from where the meteoroids has come, life can be there. Confusing!! What if I tell you that rain contains extra-terrestrial life 😀
Panspermia is the idea that life exists throughout the universe in comets, asteroids and interstellar dust clouds and that life of Earth was seeded from one or more of these sources.For example there are bugs and bacteria which can survive in the hardest and nearly impossible conditions. These bugs can live 50 years in space without much atmosphere. All the things are provided by the rock itself. And one of the more interesting but lesser known facts about the Mars meteorite that some scientists believe holds evidence of life on Mars. They observe the same thing with the mars rocks.

Sad thing is :

From the whole world this was the only evidence which shows that life can be possible on other planets and yes aliens exist. Kumar and Godfrey Louis is the name of those physicists. This contribution was one of the biggest steps toward the extra-terrestrial life. And yet there is not even a single photo of these scientists on the internet. (souce: Dark matters)


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