Followed by a gang rape on 16th December 2012 , there was a huge outrage by the public. People came in large numbers to protest and demonstrate their anger towards the criminal  act and the  reigning government. Since then things have bent a little in the favour of the cause of such protests . People now have started to sensitize on the issue of rape. At the same time the victims or the vulnerable groups get a lot more attention and care. Considering this, it has put a hold on the antisocial beasts  and their heinous crime. 

Those women and men who have ever witnessed any kind of molestation may now have people standing by their side. But certainly the laws of the nation are still not with them. Moreover there are some people who have a lot to speak against rapes but have nothing to do, they have also made the victims worse off.

Sins of the law

Talking first about the laws. The laws of the country are ill fated for the issue of rape and molestation . The main reason for this is that they fight against the consequences but not the cause.  For example providing a separate coach for women is good only in the sense that rape and molestation is prevented. But it does nothing to help the women stand against the crime and face boldly the sinful act. Besides that it does not even take into consideration the men who might face molestation .

For the government, they take measures only when something is significant. So if they feel rapes have seen a dip they will consider their laws a success and leave the issue completely.  Even if the fall in rape is from a 1001 to 999 rapes in a year. Saving two victims does not mean the laws were successful , it means the potential criminals were unsuccessful in their acts. Had the laws dealt with the criminals with a much rigid, harsh and forceful measures it would made more impact. It is easy to prevent rapes but not all easy to change the mind-set of the beasts. Unluckily no one focuses on changing them and most of change according to them. Like if a place is known for molestation people avoid that, as if no one can resist the “deprived ”and “puny” rapists.

The hypocrite society 

Second are the hypocrites who talk a lot on the issue but no one comes forward boldly . Even the celebrities say fancy things to show their concerns just to be in the good books of their audience and public. Even when there was mammoth protest at India gate, people were thinking positively that the tornado would not set down. Unfortunately, within months every one forgot the issues and things retained normalcy. The anger is yet again building up after the recent molestation case in Bangalore.  People are taking to the social media and posting long articles in protest.  But somehow it shows that till the people not see something disturbing they just don’t care. They might have feelings of anger but they may not be heart felt . Because if they were strong enough it would have brought revolution in the country where the victims of rape would have switched positions with the criminals in the society.  

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