The partition of India was an historic event in the world. There was a  mass migration from both the sides and creation of two countries on basis of religion. Clearly the decision was to have separate states for Muslims and Hindus. But the truth is that none of the country is entirely Muslim or entirely Hindu. Ever since the partition, the hope for peace between the two religion has been dwindling. It might just be irrelevant in the coming years . Amongst all hatred the focus comes on people who follow a different religion than the majority.  In simple words, the Hindus of Pakistan and Muslims of India. While no one openly speak regarding their resistance with such people. The fact is that it is inside all of us deep in our hearts.

First of all the partition itself is worthless . Seeing the diversity of people in every state in India or in Pakistan, every state qualifies to be a separate country.  But does that mean we should promote this mentality. Obviously not, so why Pakistan and India?. All this is a repercussions of political selfishness of our honourable leaders. The sufferers are obviously the general public.

 Hindus of Pakistan

Coming to the Hindus in Pakistan, they are fighting for their existence. Pakistan, a declared Muslim state, has nothing to provide to its majority so how will they adhere to the minority. The state had enough resources to feed to its terrorist but nothing to provide to Hindus or other minority groups. There are mass killings and conversions taking place but they all go unreported. Talking about their representatives in government, they just don’t care about people.  All they know is their political power. While the mosque are being taken well care of, the temples are being blown away. The only reason that Hindus are still in Pakistan is because of their unity. They are organised and not isolated, this has made them recognisable . Not only this the opportunities are also very less with limited jobs and education .

Where Hindus in India have rose to the heights, the ones in Pakistan still struggle for a respected lifestyle. The fact is that all the Hindus have the same status in Pakistan, no rich no poor, everyone is deprived.  They do not make big news thus no one addresses them, unlike the Baloch people. Hopefully someday people will start feeling their struggle and openly come forward for their rights. All they need is a stable government which has the ability to reach out to their issues .


Muslims of India

Whereas the Muslim in India are on a brighter side . They have a much stable government to look forward to.  At the same time they are very large in numbers to represent themselves. Not only this they are amongst the leaders in different fields . Not that there struggle as a minority is not there but it not as critical as the Hindus in Pakistan.  One Major reason for this is that India is secular in true means no religion is superior.  As long as the politicians find interest in Muslims their voices will be heard.  They are not just a small group of people fighting for rights. They have the strength to demand for it . However it does not mean that they get everything as the majority gets. But mostly it’s the lower layers of Muslims who are deprived in India.


To conclude I would say that both the groups may be similar in terms of their structure in the society . However they are distant in terms of their ability to raise their voices and getting their demands full filled. Both the groups have a right to be called the natives of their respective countries as it’s the politics which has evaded.

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