Want to Teleport yourself to Future. Complete Study of how you can do it.


Everyone wants to be a SUPERHERO. Although we desire many things but nature does not help us with them.

So today we will discuss about teleportation!

Is teleportation possible? How someone can do this?

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What is teleportation?

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Teleportation is the transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. This may be little hard to understand, let me help you to understand this statement. Did you ever watch Doraemon? If you did I bet that you know about anywhere door! That “anywhere door” is the teleportation device.

Is it possible to teleport?

Nothing in the laws of physics fundamentally forbids the teleportation of large objects, including humans, researchers claim. They were able to transport an atom three meters with 100% accuracy. If you recall your memory of senior secondary classes you will able to know that our body is nothing but it is made up of atoms. Billion and trillions of atom combine together to form a body. Thus after knowing this we can say that teleportation is possible!

Why does teleportation matter?

Communication, experimentation and computing. It can be used to enhance fault tolerance in quantum computers. It can transfer humans and other things into environments without the need to migrate through environmental boundaries, although this has not yet been accomplished.

What is the problem then?

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The energy required to teleport 1 atom is very large. Human body is made up of many atoms so energy required for teleportation of human beings should be enormous. Presently we do not have that much energy and technology so that we can teleport from one place to another. Another problem is that we can only teleport atoms and when we teleport human using machine we have to disintegrated the human into atoms. And then again at the point where we want to travel using that machine there we have to arrange the body in that shape only. This sounds scary. It is not possible to arrange the body in the same manner at any cost. Is any atom losses its place who knows what mishap can take place.

Now,  coming to the possibility of teleportation, I don’t think it is easy to  achieve this. A LOT of energy would be required to split us before we  are transmitted. Harnessing that much energy isn’t possible with our current technology.

Wormholes, although  not exactly a way of teleportation (it’s rather fast travel) need  astronomical levels of energy to be kept open. So keep that as an option!

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