The New Face of Maybelline

Manny Gutierrez wants us all to ‘lash like a boss’ and who might he be? Well, for those of us who are beauty and fashion enthusiasts, this social media sensation is not unheard of. Be that is it may, the newest feather in his rather revolutionary hat is his collaboration with the beauty brand, Maybelline.

Manny has over three million followers on social media, seeks to give the best makeup advice to not just women but also, men. He wears the makeup he teaches, he owns his makeup, and there’s a lesson for all of us in the path he has chosen.

For starters, he brings to mind the idea that maybe, makeup is not just for women, that muscles are not only for men and that we can do our own thing, whatever it is and not feel the threat of losing touch with our gender. In refusing to abide by culturally decided gender roles, Manny emerges a role model for all those of us who have to prove that they’re a guy or a girl by doing things we don’t necessarily wants to do. And that’s an important thing to fight against.

So, Manny likes makeup and he’s the better for it. He’s brave and yes, beautiful and has left frustrating societal labels so far behind that he is in fact the first male ambassador of Maybelline. Let me reiterate, of Maybelline!

We wish Manny and everyone who sees just how amazing he is and this is the bossest of the ‘boss life’, hehe.

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