Red Planet Secret – Revealed!

NASA may build ice homes on Mars to protect astronauts.

To protect the astronomers NASA is going to build homes on mars. Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and the second-smallest planet in the Solar System, after Mercury. Named after the Roman god of war, it is often referred to as the “Red Planet because the iron oxide prevalent on its surface gives it a reddish appearance. From very beginning scientist are fond of mars.

comparison of Earth to Mars

Why scientist are so fascinated by mars?

There are some points which tells us why.

  • Mars contain thin oxygen in its atmosphere.
  • Scientists have found traces of water on mars.
  • Mars is ideal, it comes in 4th position so temperature is not too high nor too low, pretty similar to earth.
  • Since mars is near to earth, it takes around 150-300 days to reach it, whereas Jupiter takes 600-700 days to reach it.
  • Although mars gravity is less but its gravity is more than twice compared to moon.
  • As distance is less cost of a trip also becomes less, and it makes easy to study the planet.

One thing human beings need to live on any planet is oxygen. If oxygen is present on any planets the chances of finding water increases.

Did Mars Have Oceans?

oceans of mars

Numerous missions to Mars have revealed a host of features on the Red Planet that suggest it was once warm enough for liquid water to run across its surface. These features include what appear to be vast oceans, valley networks, river deltas and minerals that required water to form.

Is There Life on Mars?

astronaut on mars

Actually the surface of Mars is very hostile to life as we know it, in terms of cold, radiation, hyper-aridity and other factors. If you see there are examples on earth which shows that life is possible everywhere. In deserts, ice, water. So yes there is possibility that life may existed on mars.

Is Earth’s Life from Mars?

Meteorites discovered in Antarctica that came from Mars — blasted off the Red Planet by cosmic impacts — have structures that resemble ones made by microbes on Earth. Although much research since then suggests chemical rather than biological explanations for these structures. There are sci-fi novels those who tells us that this may be the case.

We believe that the creator of humans or ape may come from another universe. Maybe they created the life on earth to see how they have acted when the life was initiated on their planet. There are many, many possibilities and we do not know that any of this is true or not.

Can Humans Live on Mars?

life possibilities on red planet

To answer whether or not life did or does exist on Mars, people might actually have to go there and find out.

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