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Hamee Corporation: World’s leader in Phone accessories

Hamee India

Believe it or not, for those who dare to dream, always get the chance to build the world they always aspired for?

Most people would swiftly re-evaluate every dream they had ever held on to dearly, if the world says it’s not their place to dream that dream in the first place. But he kept chipping away to build his secret passageway to his life’s next chapter.

Most entrepreneurs would quit midway realizing the fact that making their startups successful would mandatorily demand a lot of fun out of their lives, but Pratik Nayek, CEO & Co-founder of Hamee India Pvt. Ltd. courage to challenge the odds and kept on fighting for the development of a huge market place where everybody else can convert their dream designs into reality.

For those who haven’t come across Hamee India Pvt. Ltd., let me take a moment and brief you about its rich history. Hamee Corporation was an innovative project started by its founder Atsushi Higuchi. Being a visionary and influencer, he predicted the demand for customized phone accessories and founded the company by the name of Hamee Corporation on May 22, 1998 which has its headquarter at Odawara, Japan. The company recently got listed in the TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange) in 2015.

As soon as the technology industry boomed, there was an exponential growth in the demand for consumer specific designable accessories such as phone covers, power banks, data cables, gadgets etc. Also the x-factor that helped Hamee Corporations outperform its competitors in Japan in their initial years of business was that it gave a platform to all the sellers who wanted to grow with the booming e-commerce in Japan.

With few years of incorporation, Hamee’s business outperformed its competitors in Japan and expanded to many regions in Asia. Presently it has branches in Japan, United States, Korea, China, Taiwan, and now in India too by the name of Hamee India Pvt. Ltd.

Pratik Nayek started his struggle right after he joined college. The world for a normal college going student would mean attending classes, exploring various college aspects or roaming around with friends but for Pratik it was more than that, it was always about making his mark on the world. After graduating as a topper from his college, he joined MIT, Sloan School of Management and believed that online shopping would help India transform completely.

To learn about the dynamic parameters of business, Pratik interned with a number of organizations, one of the biggest being Indian Angel Network, which has over 350 investors across 10 countries. He also worked with Strapya Next Co. Ltd. , closely with its US business. Working in California he learned the insights of marketing and global selling and took another step towards becoming a pro in his field.

His battle didn’t end with this, there were many more opportunities coming his way and he finally took a decision to join Hamee Corporation and worked in Japan for 3 years. He was a part of the core team at Hamee Corporation and working day and night with his 100% efficiency with only one dream to learn more and learn fast, he aided the company in expanding its global business to 6 different countries.  Seeing the potential of e-commerce in India and the need for better system, Pratik came back to India making Hamee Corporation’s subsidiary, Hamee India Private Limited.

Currently, Hamee India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading mobile accessory makers in India and is one of the official licensees of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. With a Team of less than 20 super skilled people now, the company is expanding on a base where they are focusing on ground breaking creativity and partnering with existing e-commerce players to make selling easier in India.
“Our USP is that all the designs are made in-house with a few strong designers, who keep in mind of always leaving a mark when anybody buys from us”
describes the Head Designer Aastha Sekhri.


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