It is a  fact that children of one family are born with different fates and fortunes. There are some who excel in the field of glamour, movie , bollywood, Hollywood  and are continuously in the public eye.  Some might not be as famous as their siblings, but these siblings have made their mark in their own selected fields.  Some of the siblings have entered Bollywood, but unfortunately, they haven’t tasted success at the same level as their siblings. Life ain’t easy for them, but they don’t care about this fact. Have a look at some not-so-known brothers & sisters whom the media and public will never notice if they are not with their famous siblings.

1. Badshah of Bollywood Sharukh Khan

SRK has an elder sister called Shehnaz Lalarukh, who stays with him in Mannat. He is as expected, very protective of her and tries to keep her away from the media limelight Shah Rukh Khan’s sister Lala Rukh Shehnaz is six years older than him. According to Shah Rukh Khan, though his parents never took sides, She was closer to them, because of being six years older than him.

Shah Rukh Khan as a baby with elder sister, Lala Rukh Shehnaz.

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2. Pc’s younger brother Siddhartha Chopra

Priyanka maybe be the bollywood queen, but her younger brother Siddhartha likes to stay away from the limelight. He is presently enrolled in a culinary course in Switzerland, but he is proud of the fact that his sister has made a mark in bollywood as a well as Hollywood . He is 7 years  younger  to her.

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3.  Katrina Kaif’s Siblings

Katrina Kaif was born to an English mother and Kashmiri father.  Though she looks like Indian, her other siblings look majorly British.  She belongs to a big family, a total of 7 siblings, 1 brother and 6 sisters.  Her sister Isabel Kaif is making her Bollywood debut soon.  Whether she will shine as brightly as her sister remains to be seen.

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4. Abhishek Bachchan’s elder sister Shweta Nanda

Shweta Bachchan is daughter of Amitabh Bachhan and Jaya Bachhan. She is Abhishek Bachchan’s elder sister and is known well enough. She got married to industrialist Nikhil Nanda and has two kids. As far as limelight is concerned, she has made just two appearances on the show ‘Koffee With Karan’ with her mother and father, Jaya Bachhan and Amitabh Bachhan and on Simmi Garewal’s  chat show.

Siblings Of Famous Bollywood Celebs

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5. Bengali Beauty Bipasha Basu’s younger sister Vijyeta Basu

Bipasha Bashu’s younger sister is as good looking as this Bengali beauty. Not just that, she looks no less than a star in spite of being far-away from the Bollywood limelight .She is currently pursuing her higher education in Bristol. However, till now she has not got any plans to join the Bollywood , but we wouldn’t be surprised if we see see her joining in after seeing her sister’s success.

Siblings Of Famous Bollywood Celebs

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6. Vivek Oberoi’s younger sister  Meghna Oberoi

Another actor who doesn’t have a very popular sibling is Viveik Oberoi. Though, he too is born to a known actor Suresh Oberoi, he couldn’t make it as large as a Bollywood offspring could have made it. Viveik has a younger sister, and like many other siblings, she has no connection whatsoever with films. We’re glad she does not have any scope for creating controversies like her brother does. She is married to a Mumbai based businessman and leading a happy life.

Siblings Of Famous Bollywood Celebs

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7. Deepika padukone’s sister Anisha Padukone

Padukone has a young sister Anisha, who for now has no interest in bollywood and glamour world. She is presently pursuing her sports dream by playing badminton like her dad and is happy and content in her life. Like Deepika’s love for movies, she too has love for sports and in which she plans to make everybody proud.

We hope and wish that these celebrity not so famous kids excel in their own field and make their parents proud like their celebrity siblings

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