As we know that there are many common and tricky questions that are asked almost in every interview in one way or the other no matter what the position you have applied for and what your job will be.

We at Googly Networks decided to enlist the most common interview questions and their respective answers to help you out.

Here it goes!

1. What is the reason behind leaving your previous job?

2. Which thing irritates you about co-workers?

Remember , in this case , you have to deal in the most polite and humble way as possible.

3. What is the tenure you are going to give us in case you join?

4. Where do you see yourself in coming years?

5. Do you think you are successful?

6. What is your weakness?

Now you have to show extreme optimism in this case. You can also tell him that you remove yourself from a task only after finishing it.

7. What is your strength?

Here , tell all the qualities you possess that could result in the bettwrment of the company.

8. What position is preferable by you in case you are working in a project?

9. How education has helped in shaping you and your career?

 Last , but not the least.

10. Any questions?

This can be the last question so make sure you leave a mark.

Unless you want to start your own business, you have to be prepared with the answers to these common question and should answer them smartly.

What would you answer if you face such questions? Do comment your answers and help your peers in cracking an Interview.

Also you can comment some other tricky question that you have faced while facing an interview. We’ll help you to answer those smartly 😉

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