New Delhi : The supreme Court today issued a new ruling regarding the ban on the political parties to campaign for votes on the basis of caste and religions.The judgement however didn’t receive a huge coverage in the media as the other news would generally get. However the impact of this ruling is to be seen in the coming election season. In Indian politics the role of caste and religion is central hence one can predict the mammoth influence of this decision in coming days.

There are a numerous political parties in India whose have over the years become the face of a certain caste or religion. It is evident that the decision will dig a deep hole in the vote banks of such parties. To be specific parties like BSP , DMK, AIMIM which are known to contest elections through mobilising the issues of a particular group will now have to be on their feets to win elections on grounds of governance and development. Not only this people may now see which one party has the required leadership skills to be able to run a government. This ruling has not only prevented the political parties to be the brand ambassador for certain caste or religion but also has enabled everyone to start fresh and approach the every section of the society.


Forecasting the impact of this law on the upcoming polls in Uttar Pradesh the situation is even worse for parties here. The state is known to give chances to parties which contest elections focusing on certain groups. There are even significant population of voters that belongs to the marginalised section thus parties look to fully extract the benefits of this. Now with the sc’s new legislation in place it is hard comment how voters will react now . It is because now people will not see a political party in their favour and more options will be open to them. This may help in bringing the best leaders to power as fight will be for real issues of people and not the politically created ones.


Relation between an individual and God is an independent choice,” the court observed, adding that the state is forbidden to have allegiance to such an activity. A famous quote on this issue is not too far from reality if everything goes well, it goes “A leader should be judged by how he addresses the issues of his people and not how he addresses to the public”. It means that now The candidate will only get to govern if his vision is connected with people and not their religion or caste.

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