What’s Your Resolution? Make sure these points are on your list.

New Year is on the door and we all are really excited for 2017. Every year whenever new year strikes many of us make several resolutions and break them the next day. That’s the way it is, though. 😛

Although, each person has his own set of resolutions, but for those who are clueless as to what new they can do this year, we are here with some cool, fun to do resolutions that will really enhance one’s personality. This year let’s make resolutions that are attainable and promise to carry them on for atmost 1 month if not the whole year (it is said if you carry on an activity for around 21 days you are likely to carry it for a longer period of time).


A resolution to help someone not only helps to groom one’s individual self but also helps to build someone’s home and cultivating the habit of helping someone. And why not make someone’s new year happy by adding some happiness from our own basket?!

2. Travelling

Travelling helps us to know ourselves better. It helps us to understand ourselves and what exactly we desire from our lives. Taking time for travelling that too alone is the best gift one can give to oneself. It rejuvenates our lives and adds the lost charm to it.

3. Reading

Reading, known as one of the best habits one can adopt for a good living, can be taken as a resolution because trust me, many of us lack at it big time. It helps to experience the warmth and condition of the people surrounding us and makes us a better person. It doesn’t necessarily mean reading novels or stories, it can be of any type.

4. Family Time

In this fast paced life, we hardly have time for family. We neglect our families. We tend to work an inch harder at the cost of our families. As a result of which, space grows amidst each other. So, this year promise to spend enough time with your families so that both of you can understand the love for each other.

5. Calling A Halt For Procrastination

Each year, many of us promise to stop procrastinating and fail miserably. Let’s be firm and promise ourselves that we’ll do our work on time and instead of delaying everything we’ll complete our jobs on time.

6. Taking Time For Hobbies

Where taking out time for our daily routine seems difficult, taking out time for hobbies is impossible. But, then fulfilling our hobbies is very important and helps in making our lives simple and happy. We tend to enjoy what we do and the lost freshness comes again.

7. Writing A Diary

It is something we were taught at school and at many counselling sessions but we have ignored it like anything. Writing diary or journals develops self confidence and helps to set goals for ourselves.

So, with the end of 2016 and arrival of 2017, let’s make some resolutions and try to accomplish as many of them as possible. With all the partying and celebration, resolutions come handy. Let’s hope we don’t lose it this year again and hope to make our 2017 remarkable!

What’s your resolution though? Do tell us in the comment section below.

HAPPY 2017!


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