Numbers of animal species react to the natural phenomenon of fire, but only humans have learnt to control it and to make it at will. Natural fires caused overwhelmingly by lightning are highly evident on many landscapes. When humans do not know how to control the fire they uses different kinds of weapons to protect them from animals. In the day light humans can survive with the weapons but when moon show his face it will be difficult for humans to survive. So humans have to do something which can save them in night from animals. Many animals go for hunt in the night only.

What our ancestors do to save themselves?

They use fire. The control of fire by early humans was a turning point in the cultural aspect of human evolution. Fire provided a source of warmth, protection, and a method for cooking food. These cultural advancements allowed for human geographic dispersal, cultural innovations, and changes to diet and behavior. Additionally, creating fire allowed the expansion of human activity to proceed into the dark and colder hours of the night.

When our ancestors first learned how to control fire and started cooking their food, new nutrients could be absorbed into the body. This increase in the nutritional value of our food stimulated growth of the brain that led to who we are now. But fire may have helped human evolution in another way.

How and when did early man really discover fire?

Maybe from lighting or some natural phenomenon causes the fire. These wildfires causes animals to scatter and make them easy picking for the human beings waiting on the periphery. Additionally, after the fire had subsided, the burnt landscape would have allowed for much easier foraging. Some of the foraged food would have been cooked by the wildfire, making it more edible and nutritious than when raw. From this particular incident our ancestors know that fire will help them to survive in many ways.

Nobody really knows that when human discover fire. But archaeological evidence, this likely occurred no earlier than 700,000 years ago and no later than 120,000 years ago. Some ancient tools required glues that could only have been made using fire. The presence of such tools at various archaeological sites, therefore, suggests the mastery of fire. It is worth noting that fire was not discovered once. Instead, it was discovered multiple times by early humans in various locations all over the world.

Mastery of fire would have allowed the establishment of larger, more permanent settlements. This could have led to the development of family structure, language, more advanced division of labor, and eventually agriculture.

Clearly, fire played an integral role in the evolution of our species. Intriguingly, humans are the only animals that know how to control and create fire. Though we have used fire for both tremendous good and profound evil, it is one key way in which mankind is separate from all other species.

Not also in real life but in comics also we can see that fire person like Human Torch could do some real good tricks with fire.

flame on!!

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