8 life hacks for a Happy and a Satisfied life

I used to think my first duty is toward my own welfare, and so is everyone else’s. So to speak, I had accepted the inevitable selfishness and doom of humanity. But turns out, I couldn’t be more wrong. Because of the simple reason that my view of humanity was so very low that I couldn’t possibly treat myself well, let alone anyone else!

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My first duty, however, still is toward me; I was just overly estimating the doom of the bigger picture and ignoring the more important, smaller one.


Allow me to explain.


In our selfish races against time and everyone around us, we embrace apathy. Not only toward others but ourselves. So, we don’t have time to make tea for ourselves, to unwind with a book, take an hour off the phone etc. And really, who is getting served by this often discussed mindless existence?


Sure as hell not the self I’m responsible for. And so, I have devised a simple yet effective self-care guide that guides me to treat myself better. Here are some key points:


1. I will hydrate both my body and skin.

2. A good meal, a really good one, is paramount. Every now and then. Please, I urge you to eat your veggies.


3. I sleep when I can, however much I can. Don’t pressure yourself too much to stay up or go to sleep. Be chill. Studies suggest that happier people need lesser sleep anyway.


4. I cannot regulate the stupidity of the world but I can control my anger. With milkshake or breathing exercises, depending on the occasion!


5. Whatever I did, whatever someone else did to me, I can look forward to better things. And I do that by effectively making life more habitable for myself and those around me.


6. Nice things for the family and friends. Please. Nothing too fancy, but ever so often, see them glow up because of your efforts.


7. The world, perhaps even me, we are all doomed. But I’m gonna spread cheer. First, by caffeinating myself and then by challenging life to hit me with its best shot.


8. Sometimes, many sometimes a day, it is important to put the phone away and pretend that it doesn’t exist.


I encourage you to make your own guide and let the mirror show you the difference, some months down the line.

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