Today’s a competitive world, with cut throat competition and rat race, discontentment is something that is bound to come. This feeling of discontentment can soon transform into destructive jealousy and depression. This feeling of envy cannot be covered under a smile or anything. It goes on like a spiral and can lead to a series of destructive actions. Isn’t it better to curb such a bitter feeling before it destroys the happiness of life?

Following are SIX simple steps one can take to lead a life full of happiness and without any kind of envy:

1. Know the difference between envy and jealousy

Jealousy and envy are often used interchangeably but actually they are two different terms. Jealousy is something you feel when you think you’ll lose something. On the other hand if you lack something, you’ll feel envied. It is quite essential to differentiate among the two and understand what actually you feel, then only you’ll be able to find the solution of your problem.

2.  Identify the reason of your envy

It is very essential to know the reason behind your every feeling and when it is a negative one, it becomes more important. Once you know why you are envious, ideas can be worked out to control the way you feel and how you feel it. In order to find a cure, the nature of the problem becomes essential to know.

 3. Talk about how you feel

Having long and good conversations with people that matter can solve innumerable problems. Healthy discussions can often cure problems without the help of any medicine. One thing should be kept in mind that the person should be supportive enough to deal with the problem with utmost sincerity. Talking about how you feel, the reasons behind your feeling can help curb envy.


4.  Stop judging yourself so harshly

Often the feeling of envy comes out of personal inadequacy. In order to understand the origin of this feeling we should know where we lack but we should avoid judging ourselves so harshly. We should work upon our weak areas and take competition healthily. Also we should try and forgive how badly people deal with us. Instead of finding ways to take revenge we should focus on our personal strengths and work hard.


5. Generate your envy into a goal

One should try to avoid comparison and use one’s envy to set goals. We should live by our own standards of success instead of comparing and getting depressed by others’ success. By avoiding comparison and working towards one’s goals, the feeling of envy can be controlled. This will not only bring about a change in one’s life but will also enhance the professional front of an individual.


6. Consult a doctor

If a person is not able to curb this feeling on his own and when all of the above steps don’t work then it is 100% advisable to consult a doctor. A doctor can provide an honest and sincere treatment and the life of an individual can be made easy. Along with envy comes many other problems and depression is one of them. Consulting a doctor to curb depression helps a lot.

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Go talk about how you feel, analyse your potential and work hard, negativity soon will vanish!

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