Lets admit a cold hard fact. Everybody LOVES horror movies. Its irrevocable! No matter how predictable the plot of the movie seems to be, we are still waiting for that one moment that makes us shut our eyes tight.

We have always cursed the characters in such movies of making dumb mistakes that eventually (or suddenly) lead to their death in the most sadistic ways possible. Well, many game developers realised this uncanny need of ours and capitalised on it! And hey! We ain’t even mad.

Here are the most spine chilling horror/thriller games that will take away your sleep at night!

Note: This list of horror games consists of Online/Offline, Single Player/Multiplayer games.

3. Araya

This 8 chapter long first person horror game is rated to be one of the most scary games on 2016. Available in English and Thai, the game consists of three story-lines that take place in an old, spooky Thai hospital where they will need to solve many puzzles and the murder case of Araya.

The craziest things happen on the whole journey. *Spoiler* If you are, even for a bit, afraid of mannequins, then this game isn’t for you. If you are scared of odd looking paranormal rituals, this game isn’t for you. And if you don’t like weird baby dolls, THEN SURE AS HELL, THIS GAME ISN’T FOR YOU! uh… the last one goes for me as well.

Available on Steam, one can buy the full game for Rs. 479 only OR you can download the demo version from here!

2. The Walking Dead: The Game

The Walking Dead aka The Walking Dead: The Game is based on Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic book series. 

The game consists of 5 seasons and is available on the many operating systems! The game is available on android for free, at least!

Throughout the 5 seasons of the game, you can not be certain for a particular character being alive for long. No matter how important or “Badass” the character may seem to be, there is no certainty that they will make it to the end of the game.

Unlike other new generation games, The Walking Dead doesn’t focus on graphics. In stead, it emphasizes heavily on character building. The direction of the game is guided by the dialogue choices and the quick time decisions made by the player.

Windows users can download the game for free from here.

Android users can download the game for free from here.

iOS users can buy the game from iTunes.

1. Friday the 13th

Ohhhh yeah! This is happening! The long awaited ultimate survival game is coming to town and believe me, it is BLOODY! Those who have watched Friday the 13th movies (I mean who hasn’t?) are well aware of the angel of a guy, the legend called Jason Voorhees. Well, let’s just say… he wants to “play” again and you guys are his toys. 🙂

You play as one of the young campers (multiplayer/ online) at Camp Cystal Lake (every bit of the camp is detailed to the very core). And you need to find a way to survive long enough for the police to arrive or find your own way off the island.

The catch is that every time you start playing the game, the items of the map are randomly changed so that you can’t use the same method to escape every time.

However, the greatest part about the game is that you get the chance of playing AS JASON VOORHEERS himself! You can booby trap the camp and watch as your prey gets bloodied by a bear trap. You can also go old school and just chase down one of the campers and rip open their skull in a nice friendly manner.

Friday the 13th is coming to international markets in early 2017 and you can pre-order from here!

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