SRK was named the 3rd richest actor in the world by a renowned survey recently!

Yes, I know for sure that many of you are not aware of the fact! After reading this article the already popular dialogue from his upcoming movie would seriously strike you and you will be amazed that he provides justice to the same dialogue in his real life! Did you get hold of the dialogue?  No worries, You will! I guarantee! 🙂

Firstly, let’s have a glimpse of the said list and admire Srk’s wealth & worth :p

  •      Merv Griffin Net Worth 2016 – $1 Billion


  •      Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth 2016 – $820 Million

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  •  Shah Rukh Khan Net Worth 2016 – $600 Million


  •  Tom Cruise Net Worth 2016 – $480 Million


  •  Mel Gibson Net Worth 2016 – $425 Million


  •  Johnny Depp Net Worth 2016 – $400 Million


  •  Tyler Perry Net Worth 2016 – $400 Million


  • Jack Nicholson Net Worth 2016 – $400 Million


  • Sylvester Stallone Net Worth 2016 – $400 Million


  •  Bill Cosby Net Worth 2016 – $400 Million


But have you guys ever wondered why is SRK leading the list instead of our very own “SULTAN” of bollywood Salman Khan ?

Considering the fact that Salman’s films do really well at the box-office compared to SRK’s films , Salman should also be competing in the said list as his films are always making into the 100 crore club!

Well, I thought it too! After pondering upon the thought, I decided to explore and made this discovery!

The list is not only focusing on the earnings of these stars from the entertainment industry. Well, it should because its ‘the richest actors list’ but hell not! Surprising. Isn’t it?

Well, if it was to be based on the movie earnings then salman would be one of them!

 Now, let’s have a look on what is making srk so wealthy.

Any idea?

Well it’s a hell long of a list!

Check this out-

  1. Firstly, obviously movie earnings –srk charges 40-45 crores per movie.(even for happy new year? Yes! (upar wala jab bhi deta hai chappar phaad ke deta hai!)
  2. Srk demands an additional share in the profit if the movie is successful and break records
  3. Smart investments ; SRK is a smart businessman, I must say! Don’t you agree?  Well, if not, READ ON–
  4. He has a real estate avenue in Dubai named as srk boulevard
  5. Apart from this, he does various endorsements and now is the brand ambassador of a real estates company known as royal estates
  6. SRK owns 26% of ownership in a Mumbai based kids amusement park “kidzania”
  7. He has 10% stakes in an tv entertainment news channel called E24
  8. He owns a VFX studio which is named after its production company named as Red Chillies VFX
  9. Apart from the aforesaid investments srk owns a cricket team in ipl called Kolkata Knight riders which is reported to earn 400 crores on an average 
  10. Wedding appearances and dance performances, bring srk a total of 9 crores that is 1 crore for appearance and the other 8 crores for his dance performance which makes the wedding worth attending? Right?
  11. According to Times of India, Srk receives 250 wedding invitations annually from which he is able to attend only 10 of them! Do the math guys!
  12. According to a survey Srk topped the list of high profile brand endorsers with over 10 active brands
  13. The very famous SRK’s production house called Red chillies entertainment has so far produced 40 films

Well with that, the dialogue from an upcoming SRK movie “Raees” comes to my mind

“Baniye ka dimaag or miyaan bhai ki daring”, which  clearly indicates a person is  Intelligent as well as Risk Taker!

It looks like he has played a role of a true businessman in his real life, too which has made him the richest.

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