Dangal is performing exceptionally well on the box office. With all the shower of happiness for Aamir and the whole Dangal team, there are certain speculations that are also round the corner.

Dangal is based on the life of 2010 Commomwealth Games gold medal winner, Geeta Phogat. Aamir is playing the role of her father, great wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and is also the co-producer of the film.

Mr. Perfectionist is alleged to play with the facts in the film. In order to add thrill in the movie, many fictional scenes have been added. The names of the Geeta’s opponents in quarter, semi and final wrestling bouts of Commonwealth Games 2010 have been changed for no valid reason. However this could have been ignored but the whole wrestling sequence of quarter final match is also changed. Not only this, the scores of the semi-final and final bouts have also been altered.

Whole of the final match is presented in such an interesting manner to add more thrill to the climax irrespective of the actual facts.

In a leading newspaper, Pyara Ram Sondhi, Geeta’s  coach exclaimed that the final scene is not correctly portrayed. “Dangal mai to muje villain bana diya“, says Mr. Sondhi. In the climax, Geeta’s coach locks her father in a room so that he can grab entire limelight of Geeta’s win. Although there’s nothing of the sort, said Pyara Ram. He’s planning to take legal action against the film makers and is very angry from the negative portrayal of his image.

It’s all between the film makers and Mr. Sondhi but till what extent playing with facts to add more thrill in the movies is justified?

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