So if you haven’t read the The possibility of time travel- Part 1, go read that first and them come over to reading this.

So why you need watch during Time Travel?

You need to measure how the time is passing as you are moving on the periphery of the black hole. Well for you time will pass as the same but for other person let’s say who lives on earth observe something strange. 10 seconds near a black hole is equivalent to 30 years on earth.

Exciting right!! No doubt your brain is flooded with questions now. Suppose that in year 2020 you start your journey towards black hole and in 2022 you will reach near black hole. And then you go near black hole and you stayed only for 10 seconds near black hole. According to your watch you are wearing it will show 2022 itself, but when you came back to earth i.e in 2024 you will find how the things have been changed only in four years. According to you the span is four years but actually you just skipped 26 years. And that’s how black hole is useful to time travel. You won’t grow old, just four years will be added to your age.

Now question is that how this is possible that 1 sec is equivalent to 3 years?

The answer is gravitation. We know that Gravitation pull near the black hole is so much it will change the space and time near the black hole which will affect the space shuttle in which you are sitting.

Let start by explaining Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Space is like a paper or a fabric. It is stretched out like a large sheet. Imagine a stretched sheet and someone puts a heavy ball at the center.
What do you observe? The fabric at around the ball “Bends”

So, space bends due to heavy mass such as Earth
Since Gravity is affected by mass, the gravity changes around the earth
Now, Mass is inversely proportional to time
When there is heavy mass Time Slows Down
When I say Time slows down, imagine that Life is like a Video and when time slows down, life goes in slow motion.

Now replace the earth with black hole. Mass of black hole is way more than earth. So the fabric around the black hole bends. This is the explanation: why near black hole time slow down. There is an live evidence which can show us that mass affect the time.

Why does time slow down near the pyramids in Egypt….?

Einstein’s theory of relativity states that a large mass will slow time down. The pyramids are large masses, but the effect they have on the passage of time would be so small you would need some pretty fancy and very sensitive equipment to detect it.
No different than the fact that time moves a tiny bit more quickly when you are in an airplane than when you are on the surface of the Earth (you are so much closer to the mass of the Earth. But its such a tiny TINY difference even a really good digital watch wouldn’t detect it).

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