People’s funny comments over Jagga Jasoos’s trailer

Ever since the release of the trailer of “Jagga Jasoos” on December 19, 2016 starring Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, the audience has not been divided into two groups but rather three groups. First, who really love watching Ranbir and Katrina on screen so that is why they are praising the trailer just to show their love for them, which probably accounts for 30% of the audience. Second, who really hate the trailer and seriously can decide why are the producers even investing in a film like this, which probably accounts for 45% of the audience. Last but not the least, the third group of audience who are still in trauma after watching the trailer and in no way going to watch the entire movie claiming that they could not bear a 3 minutes trailer, How would they probably sit for 2 hours in cinema hall watching such a pathetic movie.

For those who haven’t watched the trailer yet, here is a small new year’s gift from our side to you:

People’s Opinion on the trailer:


Lets see what other buzz will Jagga Jasoos create in the coming months.


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