A good news for all the Apple users, Apple has launched an update to its earlier iOS 10.1 along with many of the interesting features. The highlight of this update is the Panic Button launched in order to support the ruling government’s initiative. An SOS button has been upgraded in the General Settings. The settings essentially mean how many times the power button needs to be clicked in order to make the panic call and call the single emergency number 112, from January 1,2017. Once you rapidly press the power button for a specific number of times then the phone will automatically connect to the emergency number. This feature is compulsory because of the ruling government. 

Along with this many other features have been upgraded. An addition of 100 new emojis in the keyboard panel in food, animals, games, jobs and faces along with an update of the iMessage feature are few examples. 

The Live Photos feature has been updated and it has improved stabilisation and a quicker frame rate.


Camera app users will also be benefitted with better zoom in and zoom out features and they would remain the same when they switch back the camera. However this feature is only available for iPhone 7Plus users. Also, the problem with the ‘memories’ feature which generated a memory from whiteboards, screenshots and receipts has been fixed. 

You can download the update from AppStore but before that make sure that your phone is backed up. 

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