Ever since the night of 8th November 2016, where the Indian prime minister addressed  people of India regarding the demonetisation of the 1000 and 500 currency notes, there has been a sudden growth of discussion. People have divided themselves into groups , to discuss the matter. All of this has led a change in daily routine for people. Lines in front of ration shops have now transferred to banks. Indians all over the world have a new topic to talk about in their offices or colleges and even morning walks or a chat with a random person on a bus or metro. THEN is Indian media which is having one of their best year end ever having loads of news to show one after the other, from surgical strikes to demonetisation, they are just having a joy .

The Indian history has recorded that any legislation that has been put forward to people has been strongly been accepted or rejected by people. This one is no different, but this is probably the first time people are not sure if they should openly speak up about it or not . Many of them feel that it is wise for them to be silent as long as they can be but deep inside everyone has been given a shock as no one was expecting this  “cyclone”. Not that they have done something wrong but purely because in India we have never seen such bold statement by a leader, not at least for the last  10 years.

This step not only has tarnished the huge domestic cash reserves that people have maintained but has also made the rich- poor  parity a reality if not forever but for the time being. It is true that people are facing problems, be it standing in queues stretched over long distances or meeting with the daily cash needs .They have full rights to express their speak against it. Then there are people who have supported it all through for it is one Major step to curb black money by making it fully irrelevant as generally the big currency denominations end up being hoarded.

Also ,it seen that terrorism in India is funded by the fake currency notes which would also stop now due to lack of knowledge about the new currency print. There is one big observation which is interesting to see that for past days ,violence in J&k has seen a new low , does it convey that violence is funded in kashmir to create tension? Well one has to analyse a lot on this before reaching any conclusion. Not only this the tax income for the government which is a major source of any expenditure that government makes for development will also get a boost. With reference to what politicians have to say , all that is irrelevant unless people support them so they may go ahead with protesting the move through “bandhs” or “dharnas” because if people were actually against the government it wouldn’t have existed even for one day.

It’s for people to decide how they look demonetisation as because a perspective gives an adjective to everything in this world.  If they feel it does them good it would surely do and if for some reason it does not work out well then they have a lesson to learn.

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