A Sikh Student’s Brilliant Reply to Lame Sikh Jokes

Sikh jokes are one of the most the most heard jokes ever. These Santa Banta jokes are hilarious for people who have no idea about the history of sacrifices done by Sikhs. We human beings usually tend to go with what people do or say like cracking jokes on Sikhs without having any knowledge about the history to all this.  Now, let us have a look at its history

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In order to eliminate the caste system, Guru Gobind singh Ji made every sikh a sardar a leader.

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The researcher Jawaharlal Handoo associates some traits of the Sardar jokes with the stereotypes of Sikhs being associated with jobs where physical fitness is more important than knowledge of the English language or intellect. He also states that “In my opinion, the ‘success-story’ of the Sikh-community as a whole has taken the form of a deep-rooted anxiety in the collective minds of the non-Sikh majorities especially the Hindus of India….Sikhs are a very prosperous and successful people ….this may have threatened the Hindu ego and created the anxiety which in turn seems to have taken the form of various stereotypes and the resultant joke cycle.”


The real reason for the “12 O’clock Association” with Sikhs comes from Nadir Shah’s invasion of India. His troops passed through Punjab after plundering Delhi and killing hundreds of thousands of Hindus and Muslims, and taking hundreds of women as captive. The Sikhs decided to attack Nadir Shah’s camp and free the captive women. Being outnumbered by Nadir Shah’s huge army, they could not afford to make a frontal attack. Instead, they used to make midnight guerrilla raids on Nadir Shah’s camp, free as many captive women as possible, and return them to their homes in order to “restore the dignity of the Hindu community”.

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Now, this is the real behind sikh jokes. Isn’t this shocking that people make jokes out of such a people and their heroic deeds?

This video shows a perfect reply to all those who instead of appreciating defame Sikh people.

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Some other videos which shows how sikhs always have a perfect reply for all what they face

As now you know the history behind great sacrifices done by sikhs and the reason behind sikh jokes, santa banta jokes so, now it is your responsibility that never let people make joke on Sikhs as they are really the most genuine and true people you will meet.

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