How many times in our life do we work according to our own consent in our life? How many times does it happen that we work differently and not according to what our society wants? Rarely, am I right? We all work according to the pattern set up by society like working at the age of 25 and marrying at the age of 26 and then producing kids and so on. Following the career choice which gives us high money and not happiness. We all normally do this, but our heart has an all new story, all new beliefs which we really want to follow and here are following quotes which we can wholeheartedly relate too.

1. Fall in love with someones’s inner beauty


Inner beauty is the most precious  thing anyone can wish for, but our society doesn’t accept this instead our society accept those who look good on the surface, who have good looks, who show great attitude but are not good on the inner front, but always remember that looks are temporary unlike a good heart so always fall for someone who is pure from inside as spending your life is a pure bliss.


2. Get married when you are really ready

Getting married in our 20s is what people usually do and that is how society accepts it, but should we marry before we are physically or mentally ready? Many people marry before getting they really want to just because of age constraint, just because getting married after 25 for a girl is like society see her from a different perspective, but our one should always marry only when we are really ready.


3. Travel the world Alone.

Traveling alone? Sounds weird or exciting? Absolutely, Exciting. Why do wait for our friends to go and talk to their parents, then make a Whats App group and at the end up getting refused by everyone? This is a true story of our life so, why not travel alone and experience the gleaming beauty of nature.

4. Become an influencer

Becoming an entrepreneur, engineer or a doctor is what people really want us to become and we most of the time do that only, but rather than becoming something which only gives us money and not happiness is not what our goal should be instead our goal should be that of an influencer. A person no matter what his or her profession is should be an influence, a person to which people can really look at.

5. Retire with loads of precious memories

Retiring with a big amount of money and a lot of gifts is not everyone’s dream. Money is indeed the most important things in our lives. Besides money loads of precious memories can help us live a happy and contented life. If we spend whole our life making money and no memories then our life after retirement will not be that satisfying. So, why not make whole our life super exciting so that we have a lot of memories when we retire.

So,do what your heart says, do what you feel is correct and never let societal expectations overpower you. Always keep your dreams at the priority list and never let society fail them.

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