10 Images all the Lazy People can totally relate to

“I am not lazy, I am on energy saving mode” (hahah!). We all have lazy days. Sometimes it’s nice to laze around and do nothing. It’s relaxing. But for some people,being lazy is like a hobby It’s something that they are passionate about. And most importantly, it’s something that un-lazy people just wouldn’t understand. Here are 10 images that will make every lazy person say, ‘yes Exactly!’

1.The only two pieces of furniture you need in your house are the couch and the bed because no other piece of furniture can give you that comfort.

Image result for man sleeping on a couch


2. When you realize that the remote is five steps away and you just wait for someone else to come and give you the remote. 


3.When you take yearly membership of the gym , but you get tired on the first day itself 

Image result for tired of gym

4. You prefer using the same bed sheet for months only because the thought of making your bed
itself exhausts you.


5. Your bending techniques can even put a gymnast to amazement.



6.You can watch 5-6 or maybe even more movies, Television shows, web series back to back on weekends.

Image result for watching tv back to baCK

7.You are very nice to kids and especially with your younger siblings because they can help you in fetching things (especially food from kitchen and fridge)


8. You always end up making same lemon rice even when your mom tells you to learn something new 



9. Five minutes break and one hour work is a strategy of normal people, but we lazy people tend to follow the policy of five minutes work and one hour break. 😀


10.You just want to marry your bed as your bed is your best and your life partner too.

Image result for i want to marry my bed


I hope you guys have read all the points and not directly jumped to the last one (yes, we lazy people can do that as well).

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