If I talk about a common man, who has a very normal life where he wakes up every morning and checks his gmail account for the new mails, then he opens facebook to check the news feed of the day and finally get ready to go to his office. Just like a casual day, on his way to office, he scroll through various news applications such as In Shorts, TOI, etc. and finally opens Whatsapp to check the latest gossips in the group chats. Can a person like this really think about the amount of revenue he has generated for these big social media giants by just following his normal routine?, I guess NO.

So lets start our discussion with How Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedin, Instagram and Snapchat make the real money? If we look at a broader level, all of these companies are not selling even a single product but still manage to get billions of dollar as their revenue and the reason behind that is the different kind of service that they are offering. The kind of service that they offer is to connect one person to another in fractions of seconds and hows that, see as soon as you login to your facebook account you are able to see the new pictures, videos and status that are uplaoded by your friends. When you view them or scroll through their accounts you feel connected, you feel like being with them even if you are sitting apart. To enjoy this moment of happiness your mind tell you to visit facebook two or three times a day and check the latest updates from your friends and of course update them about your life too by posting some mind boggling pictures. When you repeat this entire process on regular basis, facebook makes money out of it by unknowingly showing you the advertisements of various products for which it charges a lot of money from the product owners.

Lets have a look at the amount of revenue that social media giants generate every year as per the latest data available:

1. Google



2. Facebook 



3. Linkedin 



4. Twitter  


 Can you imagine that we all are working for these companies in some way or the other and boosting their business every second. Mark zuckerburg once said “If you are not paying anything then you are the product”. I guess it's true. We all are the products of social media which these companies sell to make heavy profits. To conclude this article I would say, Invest your time in doing great things and not wasting it over petty issues if you also want to be one of the tops in the world.

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